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Retired (2008-10-31)

Previously: Research and Development: Digital Library and JISC Information Environment Services and Standards,
Mimas, The University of Manchester.

Research Interests


Projects 2008

Previous Projects


My publications are listed on the epub@mimas publications page.

Other Conference and Workshop Participation

Listed on the epub@mimas presentations page.

Previous Positions

Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester.
Informatics Process Group (IPG), 1991-1995.
  • Tools support for Process Modelling, including design and implementation of the Process Modelling Workcentre (PMW) a tool for process model acquisition and design, providing Conceptual Models and Role Activity Diagrams plus the capability of adding knowledge rules. This work supported the IPG's EPSRC funded Process Engineering Framework (PEF) project.
  • Author of the successful research proposal to EPSRC, "Assisting Process Performance and Utilisation through Simulation" (APPUS), 1996.
EDS (Esprit), 1989-1991
Design and implementation of a translator from "Base Model" (a formal specification method for concurrent systems) to C++.
Flagship (Alvey), 1987-1989
Design and implementation of the Flagship parallel operating system Development Route. This was written in PS-Algol and utilised the PISA persistent object store.
MU5, 1969-1974
Compiler Software.
Hawker Siddely Dynamics, 1968-1969
Aircraft crew training simulators.


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