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The CABI Publishing / Manchester Computing Linkage Project

Project Summary

Start DateEnd DateDuration Funding Body
March 1999February 200012 months CABI Publishing


Project Objective

The project aimed to improve interoperability between electronic resources for subscribed users by enabling linking between related items. A parallel thread was to assist in the development of CABI's electronic publishing production process.

Project Results

Project Description

CABI Publishing is one of the world's foremost publishers of databases, books and journals in agriculture, forestry and related disciplines, including human health and disease. It is best known for the creation and publication of a bibliographic database, CAB ABSTRACTS, which covers the worldwide published research literature in all aspects of applied life science. CABI publish eight primary full text research journals. These journals and certain sections of CAB ABSTRACTS are available to CABI subscribers over the World Wide Web through subject specialist CABWebs as well as via Ingenta.

The areas of interoperability identified for investigation during the project included providing linking for subscribers: between associated electronic resources owned by CABI; to electronic resources owned by other publishers subject to agreements with them; to public electronic resources such as PubMed (Medline, National Centre for Biotechnology Information). The project also looked at various scenarios for the user interfaces to these links.

Some of the work in this project was based on ideas developed during the SuperJournal project:

SuperJournal Linking

During the SuperJournal project, Mimas investigated various interoperability possibilities and implemented linking between journal articles contained in SuperJournal and to external sources:

Although the majority of the links included within SuperJournal articles were in those provided by the publishers in SGML format which were translated to HTML for web display, some successful experimentation was made in adding links within PDF articles from citations to PubMed abstracts. For articles where this functionality was added, their bibliography sections could be displayed on separate HTML pages.

6 August 2002

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