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Project Summary

Start DateEnd DateDuration Funding Body
March 2000January 200111 months (half-time) CABI Publishing


Project Objective

Investigating the next generation of Internet linking by looking at new models for linking to CABI's abstracts database. The project had two strands:

Project Results

CABRef Overview

The CABRef system allows an end user to access directly a single CABI abstract. Typically this will be via a link from a citation in the bibliographic references section of a journal article. The system consists of two parts:

It is expected that publishers will determine the CABRef identifiers for citations within articles using the 'Look Up' system and then embed CABRef URLs within the web display of the bibliography of these articles. The first version of CABRef allows access to abstracts of journal articles only, but possibly future versions of CABRef could provide access to abstracts of other genres such as conference papers or books.


The research and development work funded by CABI Publishing at Mimas has been disseminated by the publication of the following research papers, and their presentation at international conferences. The first of these describes CABRef in more detail.

6 August 2002

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