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epub@mimas has been involved with various standard metadata initiatives and has experience in utilising these technologies.

[DC Logo]Dublin Core Metadata

The use of standard Dublin Core metadata on web-published resources will promote interoperability between these resources. In particular it should aid web resource discovery if understood by the web search engines.

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)

[DC.Contributor] Mimas has been involved in the definition and thus standardisation of Dublin Core by participation in the email DCMI Working Groups, and by attendance at:

A Mimas staff member is a member of the DCMI Advisory Board. She has been a member of the programme committee for all DCMI conferences, 2001-2008. She was Moderator of the DCMI Collection Description Community Group, and a member of the DCMI Collection Description Application Profile Task Group until October 2008. She was Chair of the DCMI Citation Working Group 2001-2006 and has written a DCMI Recommendation Guidelines for Encoding Bibliographic Citation Information in Dublin Core Metadata. She was Chair of the DCMI Type Working Group 2001-2004.

European Metadata Standards

Mimas was a member of the CEN/ISSS Workshop on Metadata for Multimedia Information - Dublin Core (MMI-DC), from 2000 until it was deactivated in 2006. This was a European initiative to ratify Basic Dublin Core (1.1) as a standard for simple interoperable metadata, to produce guidelines on its use across various sectors, and to provide a forum for discussion of sector-specific metadata. A Mimas representative took part in this Workshop by email and attended meetings in the first phase. Mimas provided example metadata and project documentation for inclusion in the first phase deliverable guidelines. A presentation about the use of Dublin Core in Zetoc was given at the September 2001 meeting.

Using Dublin Core

Mimas has practical experience of using Dublin Core metadata:

Collection Description

The (Research Support Libraries Programme) RSLP Collection Description provides a schema for metadata about collections. It was developed for recording collections held by libraries and museums, but has been used by Mimas to describe the Mimas top-level collections in the Mimas Collection Metadatabase during the ITAM project.

The DCMI Collection Description Application Profile Task Group, associated with the DCMI Collection Description Community Group, developed a Collections Application Profile. This is based on the RSLP Collection Description schema, but with some properties now included in the DC namespace. This is the basis of the metadata schema used to capture descriptions of collections, and the services and agents that provide access to them, in the JISC Information Environment Service Registry (IESR). A Mimas IESR project member was active in this task group, IESR providing a practical application to prove the viability of the developed schema.

The NISO Metasearch Initiative is using the DCMI Collection Description Application Profile as a collection description schema. This will become a NISO standard.


OpenURL Version 0.1, the original 'de facto' standard, provides a syntax for transmitting citation metadata using the Web HTTP protocol.

NISO Standard, Z39.88-2004

The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services was endorsed by NISO as a standard, Z39.88-2004, in April 2005. A member of Mimas staff was a member of NISO Committee AX that developed the OpenURL standard, and attended most of the face-to-face meetings of the committee. She has been particularly involved in writing Implementation Guidelines. Progress of development was reported back to the JISC technical development community.

The Mimas staff member was then member of the OpenURL (Z39.88) Maintenance Agency Advisory Committee, whose purpose is to promote and provide education about OpenURL. She was also a memebr of the OpenURL (Z39.88) Maintenance Agency Review Panel, which considers proposals for additional items for inclusion on the OpenURL Registry.

Using OpenURL

As part of the ITAM and Zetoc Enhancement projects OpenURL-enabled links from article records have been implemented in Zetoc, thus making Zetoc an OpenURL source. This was released to Zetoc users on 2002-11-04, and has since been upgraded to supply version 1.0 OpenURLs. Additionally Zetoc supports COinS linking from its full record pages.

An OpenURL Link-To Resolver interface (ie. a target that accepts OpenURL syntax) for Zetoc has also been implemented. This provides the ability to 'link-to' a Zetoc record using OpenURL, provided the usual Zetoc access requirements are met.

OpenURLs were also generated from the Zetoc Enhancement prototype. These enabled several test links such as to ZBLSA as part of the Join-Up project, and the internal implementation of the link to the British Library's Articles Direct service. This interface was also used as part of the OpenURL Trial for testing OpenURL Version 1.0 with several resolvers.

The ITAM project investigated technologies using OpenURL, in particular SFX.

8 August 2008

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