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Project Summary

Start DateEnd Date Funding Body
March 1999June 2008 Manchester University Press


Mimas Contact: Ross MacIntyre, ross.macintyre@manchester.ac.uk

Project Objective

Development of a hosted electronic journals service for Manchester University Press.

Project Results

The electronic journals service was available from May 1999. Access to the article metadata is free of charge, but access to full text articles is restricted to subscribers. The data handling process was developed, and advice was given to MUP on their data delivery (SGML headers and PDF full articles), by Mimas. It has more recently been augmented by sending articles and metadata to EBSCO when new journal issues are loaded on the e-journals site.

A paper 'Dublin Core Metadata for Electronic Journals' describes the article metadata used within the e-journals application and its generation during the data handling process. The decisions made about the capture of the article bibliographic citations within Dublin Core reflect the contemporary state of Dublin Core and have since been deprecated by the Dublin Core DC-Citations Working Group. As described in the paper, further work has been done on redefining the metadata to be consistent with current best practice, but the 'live' working application has not been changed.

6 August 2002

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