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UKSG Serial Resource Managment for the 21st Century

Getting Technical - Linking

Ross Macintyre
University of Manchester

Presented at: UK Serial Group. Serials Resource Managment for the 21st Century: An Introduction, Edinburgh University, 26 November 2002.

Note: This is an HTML version of a presentation showing the bullet points from the slides. The original PowerPoint presentation is also available for download.

A mixed bag of jargon

How does the Web (currently) work?

How does the web work?

  1. User clicks on link to the address (URL) http://www.netsoft.com/hello.html

  2. Browser converts link to HTTP command (METHOD):
    Connect to computer at
    GET /hello.html

  3. Remote computer sends file
  4. Local computer displays HTML file

Linking - what's required?

Linking Mechanisms

Example page of links to e-journals

Examples of linking to article information

Linking Mechanisms

Linking Mechanisms

Diagram showing CrossRef/DOI resolution


OpenURL format ::= Base URL ? Query

"NOU" linking

OpenURL linking

The SFX Flow - WoS record as link source

Use of SFX in `ac.uk'

The Open Archives Initiative

OAI Metadata Harvesting Framework

COUNTER - Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources

Thanks for listening

21 November 2002

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