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Change Management: Successful Service Transition - Meeting Users' Requirements and Managing Expectations

Ross MacIntyre, Norma J. Williams and Ken D. Eason

Paper presented by Ross MacIntyre at:
Internet Librarian International 2005: Transcending Boundaries: Information Technologies & Strategies for the 21st Century, London, UK, 10-11 October 2005.

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The most high profile and heavily used academic data resource in the UK's Higher Education and Research communities is Thomson's `ISI Web of Knowledge Service for UK Education'. Unusually, this has been running as an intranet application, hosted and supported since 1999 at the UK's national academic data centre at The University of Manchester, and in terms of usage, is the largest single instance in the world.

This paper will tell the tale of the last five years, starting with the transition activities undertaken to move the substantial user community, based at over 120 institutions, from the previous service. Activities included:

The user base currently stands at 160 institutions and the service capacity has been increased three-fold. The successful promotion and transition was naturally dependent upon the establishment of a very close working relationship with Thomson, local support personnel at the institutions themselves and the relevant User Group.

Topics covered will be of interest to anyone working in supplying and supporting online information services to a large, diverse community.

Keywords: ISI Web of Science, ISI Web of Knowledge, helpdesk, online information service, service transition, data centre.

18 October 2005

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