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A 'Joined-Up' Electronic Journal Service: User Attitudes and Behaviour

Ken Eason, Ross MacIntyre and Ann Apps

Paper presented by Ken Eason at:
LWW6: Libraries Without Walls 6: Evaluating the Distributed Delivery of Library Services, Delphina Hotel, Molyvos, Aegean Island of Lesvos, Greece, 16-20 September 2005.

Published in the conference proceedings by Facet Publishing.

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Studies are reported of user attitudes and behaviour with the Zetoc service before and after the implementation of a 'joined-up' service using OpenURL technology. Positive attitudes translated into active usage in some circumstances but not others. Four strategies are identified by which users identify articles of interest and obtain full text. A model of user behaviour is advanced to explain the factors that mediate attitudes and behaviour. The model depicts usage as dependent on the effectiveness of the 'joined-up' service delivery for each user and on the way in which users add useful facilities to their 'ready to hand' current practices.

27 September 2005

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