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Exploiting Open Standards in Academic Web Services

Ross MacIntyre, Ann Apps and Leigh Morris

Paper presented by Ross MacIntyre at:
The Seventh World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI2003), Orlando, Florida, USA, 27-30 July 2003.

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In Digital Library-related technologies, there is a whole host of open standards and protocols that are at varying stages of definition or emergence and acceptance or agreement. Nevertheless, specifically in an academic context, these have led to some valuable improvements in the quality and value of services provided to teachers, learners and researchers alike. However, it often remains difficult for these information seekers to find relevant resources that are not immediately 'visible', they may be effectively hidden within database-driven web services or proprietary applications. The focus of this paper is upon a project based at the UK academic data centre, Mimas, which provides web-based services to the education community in the UK, Ireland and beyond. The project's principle aim was to increase the visibility and accessibility of 'appropriate' resources by exploiting a number of relevant open standards and initiatives to ensure interoperability. This principally required focusing on machine-to-machine metadata interchange.
Keywords: Interoperability, Dublin Core, Metadata, Collection Level Descriptions, Z39.50, OAI and OpenURL.

25 July 2003

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