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OpenURL and COinS

Ross MacIntyre

Mimas, The University of Manchester.

Abstract of presentation by Ross MacIntyre at:
Workshop: Integrating Services - Integrating Standards, The Hague, Netherlands, 3 March 2006.

The OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services has now been endorsed as a NISO standard (Z39.88-2004). This new standard has broadened the potential scope of OpenURL implementation beyond the scholarly information community, with the possibility of extension by registration of new formats and profiles for new domains, as well as the introduction of an XML format. Furthermore, the OpenURL Framework has separated the details of the reference and its context, known as the ContextObject, from the means of transporting it across the network, which is the OpenURL. This separation enables use of the ContextObject within other applications. For example, if a ContextObject were to be embedded in a web page other applications, such as web browser extensions (e.g. Openly's OpenURL Referrer), could provide extra functionality. This has led to the recent development of the COinS ('ContextObject in SPANs') specification, which embeds a ContextObject within an HTML `span' element.

10 January 2006

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