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OpenURL - why?


Abstract of presentation by Ross MacIntyre at:
STM Innovations Seminar, London, UK, 2 December 2005.

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Accompanying paper: Why OpenURL?

The advent of electronic publication of academic literature very rapidly produced an appreciation and consequent expectation among researchers of the availability of articles at their desktop. But this improvement of access to scholarly literature soon initiated further schemes and desires for more enhancement, most especially by users seeking to move, i.e. link, to and between referenced articles.

This (non-technical) talk will look at the evolution of linking technologies and focus in particular on the OpenURL, now a NISO standard. The implications for stakeholders in the supply chain will be explored, including: publishers, intermediaries, libraries and readers. The benefits, expectations and business drivers will be examined. Perceived laggards will be named. The talk will also highlight some novel existing and potential future uses, including increased user-empowerment and moves away from (just) referencing traditional bibliographic material.

5 December 2005

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